EFF Launches 12 Days of 2FA to Promote Online Safety

The Electronic Frontier Foundation announced the The 12 Days of 2FA: How to Enable Two-Factor Authentication For Your Online Accounts.  As the EFF explains:

Two-factor authentication (or “2FA”) is a way to let a user identify him or herself to a service provider by requiring a combination of two different authentication methods. These components may be something that the user knows (like a password or PIN), something that the user possesses (like a keyfob or mobile phone), or something that is attached to or inseparable from the user (like your fingerprints). . . .

2FA offers you greater account security by requiring you to authenticate your identity by more than one method. This means that, even if someone were to get hold of your primary password, they could not access your account unless they also had your mobile phone, or another secondary means of authentication.

So far the EFF has provided step-by-step instructions for

You may also want to check twofactorauth.org which has an extensive list of sites that support 2FA.