CLBR #247: Battling Online Scammers with Wayne May of Scam Survivors


Battling Online Scammers
with Wayne May of Scam Survivors

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Wayne May (@ScamSurvivors) is founder of the UK-based Scam Survivors Online, a volunteer staffed organization that focuses on:

  • Making scammers’ lives harder by exposing their details and scripts to search engines.
  • Educating the public, thus removing scammers’ sources of income as scams will continue as long as there are victims.
  • Helping people to see that, even after being scammed, they CAN move forward and things DO get better.

Scam Survivors deals with all kinds of scams, including 419, fund transfer, tax refund,beneficiary/inheritance/next of kin, hitman, parcel, gold/diamond, charity, love/romance/catfish, dying widow/widower, military, lottery, secret shopper/work from home, business/investment/supply invitation, loan, ATM card, tax refund, recovery/compensation, conference, Craigslist, webcam blackmail, phishing, grandchild/friend in distress and car wrap.

Wayne was recently featured in an NPR segment on dating scams.  He also has been featured in a BBC report on Sextortion scams:



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