CLBR #259: Your Trade Secrets and Social Media with Paul I. Menes

Your Trade Secrets and Social Media with Paul I. Menes


Are Your Employees Sharing Secrets on Social Media?


With the growing influence of social media, many companies are encouraging their employees to maximize their use of social media to connect with potential clients and diversify their marketing efforts. However, the employees’ frequent use of these social media platforms can compromise intellectual property assets, especially trade secrets. Thus, it is essential for companies to establish robust policies and procedures to protect proprietary information and avoid possible legal risks.

Paul I. Menes (Tw: @PaulMenesis the AV-rated (Preeminent) Co-Head of Entertainment and Media at ADLI Law Group (ADLI stands for Advocates – Deal Makers – Litigators – Innovators). He provides “Creative Solutions for Creative People”, to his clients in North America, Europe, Japan and Australia.

Paul’s background is unique because:

  • Paul’s a transactional lawyer with a business mindset. He’s always focused on his clients’ overall, long term objectives, not just on the individual transactions or matters that are only a part of them. This business mindset comes in part from Paul’s practical experience on the business and creative side of entertainment and media projects. He understands how the delicate balance between these elements needs to be accommodated in a deal/contract.
  • He was a business, copyright, and trademark litigator for over fifteen years. This taught him what can go wrong with contracts and ways to prevent it.
  • Paul’s always represented clients in many facets of an industry. So, he has a global view and unique understanding of how all the moving parts of a deal need to interact for a client to be successful in it and how to structure, write and negotiate deals accordingly.

Prior to joining ADLI Law Group, Paul was principal attorney at his own practice, Menes Entertainment and Media Law, as well as a name partner or principal in other firms.

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