Quoted in PopSugar Article on DreamHost Warrant

I encourage you to check out Kyle Fitzpatrick’s article on the DreamHost Warrant – The Government Is Seeking Information on Anti-Trump Website Visitors — and People Are Concerned.  We posted on this controversy last week.

In the article, Fitzpatrick quotes me on the following points:

  • Kelley believes people should be worried about the government requesting this kind of private data. “What’s striking about this request is that they’re seeking anyone who went to the site without limitation to day,” Kelley tells POPSUGAR, explaining that DisruptJ20.org offered information on everything from the Women’s March to maps of inaugural events.
  • Kelley contrasts a sweeping request like this to a “vacuum cleaner search,” one that hones in on what information is needed instead of demanding it all, as the former “burdens free speech” by giving the DOJ too much information.
  • As Kelley points out, the leading web platforms have seen increasing numbers of government requests which have been shared in public reports. Facebook alone saw a nine percent increase in requests for user account data in the latter half of 2016.
  • “Our success depends on our ability for people to feel secure on these platforms,” Kelley says. “[Anonymous speech] has a long history in our constitutional republic. It’s very highly regarded as a key element of speech.”
  • “If you are concerned about this, talk to your congressman or senator,” Kelley says. “Tell them you want to hold a hearing and that you want to restrict the Justice Department.”