CLBR #277: Shame Nation Author Sue Scheff

Shame Nation Author Sue Scheff


In today’s digitally driven world, disaster is only a click away.

A rogue tweet could bring down a business; an army of trolls can run a celebrity off-line; and virtual harassment might cause real psychological damage.

Shame Nation is the first book to both study the fascinating phenomenon of online shaming, and offer practical guidance and inspiring advice on how to prevent and protect against cyber blunders and faceless bullies. Author and acclaimed Internet safety expert Sue Scheff unveils all sides of an issue that it only becoming more relevant day by day while drawing from the expertise of other top professionals spanning fields including law, psychology, and reputation management.

From damning screenshots to revenge porn, Shame Nation shines a light on the rising trend of an online shame culture and empowers readers to take charge of their digital lives.

  • Shame Nation holds that elusive key to stopping the trend of online hate so kindness and compassion can prevail.”

    Rachel Macy Stafford, New York Times bestselling author

  • “There is no one better than Sue Scheff to share how to prevent…digital shaming. Her own battle…riveted the world and changed the way we use the Internet.”

    Michele Borba, EdD, author of Unselfie

  • “Public shaming is sweeping our world. Sue Scheff knows digital shaming better than anyone…A must read for anyone who is online.”

    Ross Ellis, founder and CEO of STOMP Out Bullying

  • “Engaging, sharp, and important, Shame Nation will inspire you to open your eyes and be better in society’s growing cyber culture.”

    Theresa Payton, CEO of Fortalice Solutions and deputy director of intelligence on CBS’s Hunted

  • “We all have the power to create the inclusive Internet reality that we so desperately need. Scheff recognizes that participating in that creation can be overwhelming and intimidating, especially given the personal risks we face as women who want to join a public discourse, and provides in Shame Nation a clear-eyed, approachable guide to facing a hostile online environment while maintaining our dignity and sanity.”

    Emily Lindin, founder and director of The UnSlut Project

Sue Scheff

Book Website / Blog  / @SueScheff

sue-scheff-1Dr. Sue Scheff is a nationally-recognized author, speaker, parent advocate and internet safety expert. She’s been featured on many national media outlets and publications.

In her second book, GOOGLE BOMB, she details her own experiences of being digitally shamed, before she fought back and won a lawsuit for internet defamation and reinvented herself as an expert in the field of internet safety.

SHAME NATION is her third book.


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