CLBR #291 – Jim Hedger and the Battle over Amazon


Jim Hedger and the Battle over Amazon HQ2


Hats off to Webcology’s Jim Hedger to talk about the Amazon HQ2 sweepstakes on less than 30 minutes notice due to our scheduled guest having the flu.  He spoke to us from warm, sunny Toronto.

And the finalists are . . .

 Atlanta, GA  Indianapolis, IN  New York, NY
 Austin, TX  Los Angeles, CA  No. Virginia, VA
 Boston, MA  Miami, FL  Philadelphia, PA
Chicago, IL  Montgomery Cty, MD  Pittsburgh, PA
Columbus, OH  Nashville, TN  Raleigh, NC
 Dallas, TX  Newark, NJ  Toronto, ON
 Denver, CO  Washington, DC

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I wished Providence College good luck in their game against #1 Villanova.  Villanova is ranked #3, but the Friars still beat them.

Jim Hedger


Host of Webcology  / @jimhedger

Jim Hedger is an organic SEO and digital marketing specialist.  Jim has been deeply involved in the online marketing industry since 1998, as a SEO since 1999.

He is best known as a content writer, frequent conference speaker and organizer, search industry commentator, conference interviewer and popular WebmasterRadio.FM show host.

Jim brings a wealth of knowledge, experience, passion and creative thinking to each project. Preferring a teamwork approach, Jim strives to inform and train clients and/or their staff, leaving them better equipped to manage their online marketing efforts.

Jim is co-host of Webcology on WebmasterRadio.FM. Webcology is popular weekly live-to-air broadcast with archived podcasts dating back to October 25, 2007. Webcology is heard every Thursday at 2:00pm eastern/11am pacific and is available through iTunes and on iTunes Radio. Webcology episodes are also available on the Digital Always Media blog, generally posted Thursday afternoons.

Before Webcology, Jim hosted The Alternative on WebmasterRadio.FM. Originally airing in October 2006, The Alternative was a show covering any search engine other than Google.

Future Shows

  • Feb 21 – Tech’s 2018 Washington Agenda with David Snead
  • Feb 28 – Stan Stahl, Citadel Information Group, Cyber Security Threats 2018
  • March 14 – Ann Ravel, Fmr Chair, Federal Elections Commission on Regulating Online Political Ads
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