Quoted in Article on Google’s Failure to Remove Deepfake Videos of Melania & Ivanka Trump

In January a new word was added to our internet lexicon – “deepfake”.  This stemmed from a VICE story about a Reddit user named “deepfakes” using an open source artificial intelligence-based app that allowed users to create fake porn videos by swapping faces of celebrities (or anyone for that matter) onto the adult film actress/actor.

The Urban Dictionary defines deepfake as

A horrific AI-assisted face swapping app which takes someone’s face and places it on someone else’s body. Particularly great if you’re a creep imaging what your favorite celeb-crush looks like naked.

The danger in this technology was illustrated by this recent video by “Get Out” Director Jordan Peele.

Deepfake porn videos have multiplied and, sadly, have targeted Melania and Ivanka Trump among other celebrities.  While Twitter, PornHub, and Reddit have acted to scrub deepfake porn from its platform – Google inexplicably has not.

I am quoted in a recent Bustle article about Google’s inaction; explaining that while I do not “think [present] legislation contemplates” the dangers of these videos, “you could argue that it’s the same harm [as revenge porn].”

While I never expected to be quoted in an article about Axl Rose, I certainly never expected to be quoted in an article about fake porn videos of the first family.