CLBR #303: ADA and Website Accessibility

ADA and Website Accessibility

with Kathy Wahlbin and Heather Antoine


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The Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) was passed in 1990 – a year before the first website.  By 2003, however, the Justice Department had concluded that the ADA extends to websites of entities that provide goods or services that fall within the 12 ADA categories of “public accommodations”.  The Justice Department has yet to finalize regulations explaining what is required to comply, which has invited litigation.  Last year alone, there were over 800 federal lawsuits over website accessibility.

Heather Antoine of the Antoine Law Group in Beverly Hills returns along with Kathy Wahlbin, Founder of Interactive Accessibility in Boston to discuss

  • How the ADA applies to websites;
  • The role of advocates for the disabled and the Justice Department in ensuring website accessibility;
  • The Trump administration’s view of accessibility; and
  • What are web accessibility guidelines and how you can make your website compliant?

Note:  View their webinar on the topic for the California Lawyers Association here.

Kathy Wahlbin

Interactive Accessibility

Website  / Tw: @wahlbin

5bb2feaa9a9791468224ea7bdedb4aab_400x400Kathy Wahlbin has been very active in the web accessibility community since 2001 when Section 508 was amended to cover information web technology.  As awareness, methods, and requirements have evolved, she has gained considerable experience in accessibility, usability, software applications and website development.

As an invited expert of the W3C WCAG 2.0 Working Group, W3C Mobile Accessibility Task Force and the WCAG 2.0 Evaluation Methodology Task Force, she is knowledgeable in the trends and directions in accessibility, and she contributes to the development of new guidelines, techniques and methodologies.  She is passionate about creating a world where online communications and technology are simple and universally accessible to all people regardless of ability.

Kathy chairs the Individual Professional Development Committee for the International Association of Accessibility Professionals (IAAP)  to define, promote and improve the accessibility profession globally through networking, education and certification in order to enable the creation of accessible products, content and services.  The Individual Professional Development committee is developing and implementing activities, including a certification program, to enable professionals working in accessibility and those interested in knowing more about accessibility to ensure they have the ability to influence and implement accessibility within any organization.

As a recognized accessibility expert, Kathy has been a frequent speaker at conferences educating people on the importance of accessibility and has provided accessibility training for many corporations, government agencies and universities.  She has been a featured speaker at CSUN, ATIA, Accessing Higher Ground, PRSA, and W3C.  She teaches a college course on Universal Design and Accessibility for the University of Colorado, Boulder.

Heather Antoine

Website  / Tw: @IPfixer 


Heather Antoine is the founder and owner of Antoine Law Group. Heather is an Internet and Intellectual Property lawyer and litigator.  Antoine Law Group registers trademarks and maintains IP portfolios as well as protects businesses involved in trademark/copyright, social media, domain name, FTC, and rights of publicity litigation.  ALG also works with companies to ensure their privacy and cybersecurity practices comply with the law.  ALG performs company audits so startups can pinpoint weaknesses and avoid getting sued.  Antoine Law Group typically works with e-commerce, SaaS, app, and internet companies.  Heather regularly speaks about Internet, tech, privacy, and IP law and currently serves as Secretary of the California Lawyers Association Intellectual Property Section.

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