ILC Joins Privacy Professionals Calling for Changes to CalCPA

Internet Law Center founder Bennet Kelley joined 40 other privacy lawyers, professionals and professors in calling on the California legislature to enact major changes to the California Consumer Privacy Act (CalCPA).

The letter highlights six significant problems with the CCPA, including:

  • The CCPA affects many businesses who never had a chance to explain the law’s problems to the legislature;
  • The CCPA imposes excessive costs on small businesses;
  • The CCPA requires businesses to waste money complying with multiple privacy laws;
  • The CCPA degrades consumer privacy in several ways;
  • The CCPA’s definitions are riddled with problems; and
  • The CCPA reaches beyond California’s borders.

The text of the letter is below.

The letter was organized by Professor Eric Goldman, co-director of the High Tech Law Institute at Santa Clara University School of Law.  In a related blog post, Goldman praised the group:

I’m amazed by how many California privacy experts have very serious concerns about California’s new privacy law.  Many of those experts, including some signatories to the letter, will personally make a lot of money due to the CCPA’s substantial legal compliance costs and multitudinous ambiguities. Nevertheless, despite their financial self-interest, they would rather see the legislature improve the law.


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