UCLA Celebrates Internet’s 50th Birthday

It was a thrill to attend UCLA’s Internet 50th Anniversary celebration commemorating the first message sent over the Arpanet from UCLA to Stanford on October 29, 1969.  Above is UCLA’s highlight reel and below is a link to Professor Kleinrock’s compelling op-ed – “50 years ago, I helped invent the internet. How did it go so wrong?’

Below are some photos are live tweets from the day-long event.  Unfortunately, since some of the exits to UCLA were closed due to the fires, traffic was horrendous and I missed some of the earlier panels.

I attended a similar commemoration in 2016.  Werner Herzog, whose documentary was featured at the 2016 event, made a surprise appearance at this event.

From Panel: The Irresponsible Internet
Dealing with fake news, hate speech, diversity and the responsible use of technology
Molly Burke / Judy Estrin / Eugene Volokh / Rick Wilson / Katie Hafner, moderator 

Panel: The Internet Megaphone
Combining the power of the crowd with the megaphone of the internet
Patrisse Cullors / Bran Ferren / Jameela Jamil / Katelyn Ohashi / Raffi Krikorian, moderator 



At the concluding reception with co-counsel Michael Krieger who also is a former faculty member from UCLA’s Computer Science department.