Cyber Report (formerly Monday Memo) is an award winning publication of the the Internet Law Center and was named one of the top 100 Internet law resources. Cyber Report, however, is for information purposes only and is not meant to express any legal opinion or advice. You should consult an attorney for any legal advice.

The Internet Law Center (“ILC”) offers innovative legal and policy solutions for businesses both online and offline. The professionals of the Internet Law Center possess years of practical experience as both lawyers and entrepreneurs with internet companies and have played a leading role in shaping Internet law and policy.

ILC was founded by Bennet Kelley in 2007 after working in-house with technology, e-commerce and internet advertising companies such as ETM Entertainment Network, Network Commerce and ValueClick.  He has been named as among the nation’s top internet lawyers by several publications including the Los Angeles Business Journal which named him one of the Most Influential Lawyers in Digital Media and E-Commerce.  He frequently appears or is quoted in television, radio and print stories on internet legal developments, including appearing on The Today Show.

Bennet is also the creator and host of Cyber Law and Business Report which aired weekly on WebmasterRadio.fm from 2011-2019.

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