ABA Alerts Members to Ransomware

The American Bar Association has emailed the below FBI Information Sheet on Ransomware to its members to alert them to the growing threat its presents to the legal industry (if not all industries). In addition, below is a short video providing tips on Ransomware from ABA TECHSHOW 2016 Board Member John Simek.


Kelley Part of State Bar D.C. Delegation

Bennet Kelley will be part of the California State Bar’s Intellectual Property Law Section’s annual delegation to Washington.  Over the course of April 18-20, the six-member delegation will meet with: Representatives from the Senate and House Judiciary Committee; The White House’s IP Advisor; The Department of Justice’s Computer Crime Division; The Federal Trade Commission; The…


Happy St. Isidore Day!

Today is the feast day of St. Isidore of Seville, the patron Saint for the Internet.  Be sure to celebrate, albeit at 140 characters intervals. St. Isidore may seem like an odd choice as patron saint considering he died over 1300 years before the internet and over 700 years before the Renaissance.  The former Bishop…


Apple Scores Victory in Fight Over Encryption

Apple Scores Victory in Fight Over Encryption As we posted previously, Apple’s CEO Tim Cook has gone on the offensive to oppose a government order that Apple develop code to assist the FBI in its efforts to access a iPhone used by the shooters in the December San Bernardino attack. Apple immediately won the support of…


WMC Releases Guide for Image Take Downs

Without My Consent Release Guide for Intimate Image Take Downs Congratulations to Without My Consent on the release of its Something Can Be Done! Resource Guide for attacking revenge porn postings.  The site also provides resources on pursuing cyber exploitation claims in federal and selected state courts. The Cyber Civil Rights Initiative also provides resources that include:…