TPP Background Update

Will the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement be on the agenda after the election?  Since we published our TPP Backgrounder, the Congressional Research Service has updated its research suggesting that the issue may still be very much alive. The new reports are below. TPP in Brief TPP Economic Implications TPP Strategic Implications  


The Looming Battle Over Ad Blocking

The Looming Battle Over Ad Blocking Part 1:  The Numbers eMarketer projects that nearly 1/3 of American internet user will use an ad blocker by next year.  YEAR  USERS  PCT OF INTERNET USETS  2014  39.7 million 15.7%  2015  51.9 million  20.0%  2016  69.8 million  26.3%  2017  86.6 million  32.0% HubSpot reports that Ad-Blocking cost the…


9th Circuit Weighs in on CFAA and CAN-SPAM

9th Circuit Weighs in on CFAA and CAN-SPAM The Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (“CFAA”) provides civil and criminal penalties against come who “intentionally accesses a computer without authorization or exceeds authorized access and thereby obtains . . . information from any protected computer.” 18 U.S.C.§ 1030(a)(2). Courts have struggled over what is the role of…

rp speier

Rep. Speier Introduces Intimate Privacy Protection Act

  California Congresswoman Jackie Speier, joined by Reps. Katherine Clark (MA-5), Ryan Costello (PA-6), Gregory Meeks (NY-5), and Thomas Rooney (FL-17),  has introduced Intimate Privacy Protection Act (IPPA) to create a national ban on revenge porn.  Although 34 states have passed laws to address nonconsensual pornography, their approaches vary widely.  Speier contends that a federal law…