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Bloggers are just the latest victims of Russia’s efforts to control the internet

Originally posted on Quartz:
Influential Russian bloggers have long been subject to Vladimir Putin’s distaste for online dissent. Popular writer and activist Alexei Navalny—one of the intellectual leaders of the 2011 protests that challenged Putin’s legitimacy—had his blog blocked earlier this year. But a law that came into force today applies even to writers of moderate influence.…

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If you want to be rich and powerful, majoring in STEM is a good place to start

Originally posted on Quartz:
The standard narrative today is that science, technology, mathematics, and engineering (STEM) education is important because we need more data scientists, engineers, and STEM professionals. But promoting STEM education is critical for another reason: it teaches creative problem solving, which is widely applicable and more necessary than ever today. STEM education is…